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What is the difference between broker & banker?

A broker has the ability to shop for the best loan through a variety of lending sources, whereas a banker is limited to just a few different loan options available through the bank.

Do I need a large down payment to purchase a home?

Not necessarily, there are many types of loans that have different requirements for down payments. Some loans offer low percentages and others even offer zero down payment.

How much can I afford for my home loan?

There is no definite answer to this question, however, Gateway Mortgage will get you the best loan to fit your unique needs as well as pre-qualify you for the amount you need to purchase the home of your dreams at a price you can afford.

What is a Cost of Waiting Analysis?

At Gateway Mortgage, we can give you an idea of the cost of waiting to purchase a new home at a future date by examining trends in the housing market. This will provide you an idea of when the perfect time for you to buy your new home.

How much will it cost to save money with refinancing?

At first, it will cost a small amount of money but that cost will be eliminated over the course of your loan by taking advantage of historic low interest rates. Additionally, in some cases, we can provide you with up to $2,000 cash-back to help cover unexpected costs or manage bills AND you can skip up to two months of house payments.

How long will it take to break even with savings vs. the cost of refinancing?

Once we determine the structure of your new loan during the refinancing process, we can give you an exact outlook on the time it will take to break even, as well as an overall look at the savings you will receive over the course of your loan.

What does the loan process look like?

Our simple 4-step process is easy & convenient for anyone looking to purchase a home. First, a customer contacts our financial experts. Next, they will be pre-approved for their loan. From there, they can start shopping for their dream home. Finally, they will be able to close on the home of their dreams and start a new life in their dream home. It’s that simple!

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