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“I like the new tagline ‘…where you send your friends.’ I’ve done that…often…and I’m glad I did.”

Alan Stiffelman
Consolidated Financial Investments, Inc.

I’m in the financial services business and have known Ryan Sandvoss both professionally and personally for a long time…nearly 20 years. Over the years Ryan has handled at least four or five loans for me personally. I know he has also helped a number of other people that we know together, but one of the things I like about Ryan is that he has always maintained a high level of professionalism and confidentiality. Everything he has always told me has been the way it’s happened. There have been no surprises. I know people that I have referred to Ryan that have had difficulty other places; people who now wouldn’t work with anybody other than Ryan.

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Equal Opportunity Lender and License Info

Gateway Mortgage is an equal opportunity
St. Louis mortgage broker licensed to do business
in the following states:
Colorado – 100036655
Florida – MBR995
Massachusetts – MB21149
Missouri – 11-525
Licensed by the Virginia State Corporation Commission as MC-5194
NMLS ID #21149 (

Security Policy

In addition to standard industry confidentiality Best Practices, Gateway Mortgage has a strict privacy policy regarding all personal information obtained from clients and prospects. Names, addresses, telephone numbers, email address or other personal information obtained in the course of communication with our clients, prospective clients and other associates, is solely used for internal Gateway Mortgage purposes and is never shared, sold or traded with any other entity without your written permission. You can rest assured any information you share with us is handled with professionally care and kept totally secure.

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Refinancing a Home? Be Sure to Learn the Myths

Refinancing a home isn’t much different than changing out the pitching roster mid-game. Where things might go great the first few innings, there may come a time when there’s a better option for changing conditions on the field. As rates change, your requirements might change with them, and there’s a lot of information you’ll need to sort through to determine whether making a change is right for you. Here are some common refinancing myths that abound in conversations around the dinner table, office and social gatherings, and what you need to know before you go through the debt replacement process. Myth: Refinancing a home will

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