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Alan Stiffelman
Consolidated Financial Investments, Inc.

I’ve known Ryan Sandvoss both professionally and personally for a long time…nearly 20 years. That’s really the point. I know he is a good guy personally and I also know he knows his business extremely well. He goes about his business as a professional. When a friend services a friend and they’re happy then I think that’s as good a recommendation as there is.

Over the years Ryan has handled at least four or five loans for me personally. I’m in the financial services business. If I felt I was getting anything less than professional services, I would go somewhere else.

I know he has helped a number of other people that we know together, but one of the things I like about Ryan is that he is incredibly professional. My personal business is just between us, not between me and 37 other people. In a small group of people where we know each other as well as we do, it’s especially important. He has always maintained a high level of professionalism and confidentiality.

Another thing I really like about Ryan is that everything he has always told me has been the way it’s happened. There have been no surprises. Occasionally there are extra questions or something like that because you don’t always know everything when you start the process…there’s discovery. But I know people that I have referred to Ryan that have had difficulty other places; people who now wouldn’t work with anybody other than Ryan.

I have probably referred a dozen people to Ryan over the years. He has helped a number of those people with very odd problems. People that had particular situations that were not typical needs and in each case he has been able to come through. I’m talking about some very unusual things: fast closings, extremely large loan amounts, or clients whose financials were far from typical. Ryan was able to help create the right picture without compromising anyone’s integrity.

I presented him with a client one time, someone I had known forever, who was a very unsophisticated businessman worth millions of dollars, but who was involved in several restaurant businesses that were always losing money. Ryan understood the markets and was able to get him his financing even though his income looked ridiculous on the balance sheet. By formal qualifications the man could not have walked into a typical bank and gotten a mortgage because they aren’t experienced enough to understand how to present the needs and qualifications of this kind of unusual client.

Other clients I sent to Ryan, a doctor and his wife, were a good example of unusual requirements. The doctor had had a very successful career, but was now semi-retired. He was involved in a consulting practice where all of his diagnosis was by computer. He could be anywhere there was an internet connection and work. He never met the patients unless it was across the computer screen. His fees were based on a complicated consulting arrangement. His problem was that he was leveraged on some property and couldn’t get financing due to the unusual nature of his income. Ryan was able to get financing when no one else could get the job done. The guy was highly qualified had plenty of money, but because of what his balance sheet looked like, it took some hard, honest but creative work to get the financing and Ryan did it.

I like the new tagline for Gateway “…where you send your friends.” I’ve done that…often…and I’m glad I did.

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