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Security Policy

In addition to standard industry confidentiality Best Practices, Gateway Mortgage has a strict privacy policy regarding all personal information obtained from clients and prospects. Names, addresses, telephone numbers, email address or other personal information obtained in the course of communication with our clients, prospective clients and other associates, is solely used for internal Gateway Mortgage purposes and is never shared, sold or traded with any other entity without your written permission. You can rest assured any information you share with us is handled with professionally care and kept totally secure.

Everyone should consider having a Missouri Mortgage Analysis conducted by a licensed mortgage specialist before making decisions regarding changing their mortgage.

Often changes in your income, personal finances, employment, marital status or family size will occur during the course of a long term mortgage. Your circumstances may no longer apply properly to the type of mortgage to which you are committed.

Every mortgage situation is unique, so it’s important to have a mortgage specialist conduct a mortgage analysis that takes into consideration all aspects of the circumstances coordinating that with your priorities. What works for a friend or colleague may not be what works best for you.

At Gateway Mortgage we understand the importance of working in concert with you to achieve your short and long term financial goals and objectives whether your mortgage is for:

  • Buying a Home
  • Selling a Home
  • Acquiring a 2nd Home
  • Investment Property
  • Refinancing
  • Reverse Mortgage

We systematically analyze every aspect that will affect your mortgage solution and apply our years of training, knowledge and experience to preparing a solution that is the absolute best for your needs.

When you schedule a Missouri Mortgage Analysis with a licensed mortgage specialist at Gateway Mortgage, you will qualify for the Golden Key Guarantee and an opportunity to receive a FREE Home Appraisal, even if your loan is not approved.

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